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"Easily the most unique eatery in the region - not just the city. A private dining club offering "big city" and "international" type cuisine. There are periodic events at the club that are often thematic and feature multi-course dinners. New membership programs make joining affordable for everyone regardless of the phase of life they are in. An excellent place for young professionals and business proprietors to network. The outdoor terrace seating allows dining outside during the warm weather months. In the kitchen - a french-trained chef that keeps the menu changing and exciting."


History of the Club

In January 1945, F. Albee Flodin and Martin D. Thomas set out to establish a private club in Iron Mountain to host out-of-town businessmen. Purchasing the home owned by the Davidsons seemed a fitting choice as O. C. Davidson had devoted years of his life to the community of Iron Mountain while serving on the board for decades. The inspiration for the Club was two-fold – replicating an experience Flodin and William Lewis had while on a business trip to Pascagoula, Mississippi and fulfilling a need within the community. On February 3, 1945 a preliminary meeting to organize the club was held in the "6-7-8" clubroom in the Commercial Bank Building. Flodin was elected temporary President and a temporary Board of Directors was elected. The first membership meeting of The Chippewa Club was held on May 15, 1945.

Renovation materials were in short supply due to World War II so many of the renovations were done using original wood from various parts of the residence. In 1945-1946, the bar was built in what is now the ladies restroom using wood from sliding doors and woodwork from within the house.  The kitchen was enlarged and improved to function as a commercial kitchen. The main floor was opened up to create a dining room.


 In May of 1947, the first manager named Pierre was hired. He traveled with a chaperone to Chicago to purchase dishes, pots, and pans with what was said to be very expensive taste and was guided not to overspend. The club also hired M. B. Sanborn who was excellent at serving dishes on trains and Hugo who had been a cook for the Ringling brothers in Sarasota Fl. Everything was ready for the doors to open for its members until the night before opening the club manager Pierre was no where to be found. However, the club opened without a hitch and charter members raved about head chef Hugo.

The Chippewa Club became a central location for businessmen around the Iron Mountain - Kingsford area. There was always something going on at the club. Though it focused primarily on hosting business men, the women were always permitted to attend the club along with their husbands. The women of the club served as the house committee handling decorating the club, teas and luncheons. 

On December 11, 1946, the Chippewa Club opened as a non-profit, unincorporated association. By law, this type of association cannot own property. Ownership was transferred to three club members for $10,000 and they were designated as trustees. The Club operated in this manner with various members serving as trustees until 1973 when it became a non-profit corporation

This is just a small piece of the history of The Chippewa Club. Click the button below to view photos of the club and read more in depth historical articles about the club and its founders.

Present Day

Today the Chippewa Club boasts five private dining rooms and meeting rooms, two formal dining rooms, casual dining porch, outdoor terrace and full bar. Weekly feature entrees and seasonal menu with only the highest quality meats and vegetables created by Chef Simon are available to members, and guests of members, for dining in or taking home.

The club is open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner. Members and their guests can also request to host private events such as meetings, weddings, showers, and more.

Though there are still plenty of business negotiations taking place and contracts signed at the club, celebrating and socializing is at the forefront of the club today. Live music and themed parties and events happen regularly. 


Whether you are coming to the club for business or for pleasure, you will surely not be disappointed.

Meet our Chef

Simon Poulin, Executive Chef

Simon joined the Chippewa Club in February 2015 coming from the number one restaurant in West Virginia, Sargasso. A native of Montreal, Canada, Simon began his career at the age of 13 when he went to work for a butcher to learn the art of charcuterie.  He received formal culinary training at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary and apprenticed at La Chaumiere in Calgary and Montreal hotels La Sapiniere, Le Roussillon Royal Montreal and La Vieille Forge.  From there he served as chef at Restaurant Toulouse and later at Café Laurier, both in Montreal, before relocation to the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean to become the executive chef at Sibonne Beach Hotel.


fit for a Queen...

"I developed this special recipe at a very young age and I have never shared the recipe with anyone, not even the Queen of England. When I was younger, I cooked for the Queen and she liked the cheesecake so much that she sent her butler to ask for the recipe. I told him that in exchange for the recipe, I wanted to work in England for two weeks under the famous Roux brothers. I was hoping she would have some pull with them, but I have never heard from her since.

I did write the recipe down once, and as fate would have it, some oil spilled on it. I have never written it down again. I think people really love this recipe because it is unlike any other cheesecake recipe. It is very light."

- Chef Simon

Jennifer Strelcheck

“Absolutely love being a member here, especially in the winter. Chef Simon is a true artist, both in flavor and presentation. The cocktails are always on point and delicious."

Pat Johnson Teranishi

"Wonderful atmosphere, serene and relaxing. The service is great and the food delicious . Best kept secret in the UP. Look forward to visiting again."

Dianna Jamar

“Excellent wine tasting and lessons at the Chippewa Club last night! Chef Simone prepared an outstanding five course Italian meal to pair with the wines presented.”

Private Events

The club offers a high end venue for all private events. Boasting 3 main dining areas on the main floor, an outdoor terrace, and four private dining rooms on the second floor we are here to make your event special and unique. Members and guests of members will work with our Executive Chef and House Manager to tailor your requests and create the event you envision. Contact the club for more information.

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