About the Project

An unused portion of the Clubhouse basement was remodeled into a passive wine cellar.  This capital improvement enhanced the lower level and offered a much requested service to members.  The wine lockers in the cellar are available for purchase by members.

The Cellar

The cellar has a secure door that only locker owners have access codes.  80 wine lockers or "cubes" were built in the room along with a table for tasting, dining or gathering.  Each cube will hold 12 bottles of wine and will feature a name plate and lock.  Members may purchase as many cubes as they want.

There are a fixed number of lockers available.  Once they are gone that's it.

Purchase Yours

Be involved & own a unique space of the Club's heritage

A one time fee of $325 per locker cube will appear on your statement.  That's it and then the locker is yours as long as you want it.  

Want more storage space? Members may purchase as many lockers as they want and merge into one locker.  A single locker door will be built for you to cover your spaces.  There are 4 lockers per column. Any number of custom solutions are available to accommodate your needs. 

Front Examples

Limited Space Left

Thank you to all members who purchased lockers as part of the pre-order.  A limited number of lockers are still available - please order soon to ensure your space is reserved.


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Feel free to contact Cameron at The Chippewa Club at (906) 774-0434 or info@chippewa.club with any questions you may have regarding the wine cellar or purchasing lockers.

Wine Cellar & Locker Regulations

  1. To purchase a locker, applicant must be a Club member and over 21 years of age

  2. Lockers are sold on a "first come, first serve" basis

  3. Locker owners may use  wine cellar for tastings, dining or events at no room rental charge

  4. The Club is not liable nor accepts any liability for contents stored in the wine cellar

  5. Members who purchase a locker will  continue to own it as long as they are a Club member and in good standing

  6. Locker owners may not resell any locker spaces

  7. Locker ownership may be transferred to direct family members, pending Board approval

  8. The Board may take ownership of locker to resell in the event the member is in violation of the Club's Rules & Regulations